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This section of our site is dedicated to the Scrap Metal and Scrap Alloy Recycling Industry. If you generate scrap turbine parts or scrap alloy during the manufacture, replacement, or repair of your turbomachinery and related components, we offer an avenue for disposal of this kind. Scrap alloy dealers are interested in purchasing your turbine parts or material composed of Hast Alloy-X, Udimet 500, IN-738, X-750 and other exotic alloy materials. Some examples include excess material from manufacturing processes, castings, used rotor bolting, fasteners, scrap turbine buckets and blades, scrap nozzle segments and vanes, compressor blades and other gas or steam turbine hardware. What ever it may be, someone is probably willing to accept the item or material for processing.  Access to our site is free for all registered users!


Our intent is to assist in turning your scrap parts and scrap alloys into cash while minimizing your effort required in doing so. We provide a global marketing platform to assist in the sale or purchase of your items directly to the recycling industry. The buyers and sellers come directly to you! There is no charge to access or search for these types of high temp alloys and scrap turbine parts listed on our site!


If you are not able to locate a particular item in our database, try our "Urgent Need Network" (UNN) to assist in locating the appropriate service for your needs.  Click here to register for this free Power Generation networking resource.  Please let our customers know you heard about them though!   If you have not already registered as an eTurbine's user (no charge), click here now.   Registered users may begin browsing now.

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